I had the pleasure of meeting Junior Handler, Kacie Davis, when I first moved to North Carolina.  She was a
Junior Handler and helped me at ringside many times both grooming and handling dogs.  This is her here with
"Katrina" (DeVita’s Making Waves at Luv Bug).  on the right. >>

When she approached me about helping with my Havanese I had no idea what a talented, devoted and knowledgeable
lady she was.  The dogs fall in love with her at first sight.  Each and every dog wants to please her and put their first paw
forward and made you  proud.  Kacie wanted to have her own Havanese because she loves the breed so much and I
wanted to help her and for her to have her own.  We currently co-own dogs and will be co-breeding Havanese.  

Kacie and Kash (who was 6 months and 1 week old) became a team winning first place at the Chicago National in 2013
from the six to nine month class.  Kash went on to become an overnight Champion and I became in awe of Kacie.  

Since then Kacie has become well known and recognized in the Havanese ring along with many other breed rings.  
She has attend the Havanese National every year since 2013 and consistently wins in very competitive classes.       
Kacie’s entire family has had a love for dogs starting with her Grandfather, Mother and sister.  She started showing one of
her Mother’s (Wesann Kennel) Italian Greyhound at 6 years old and won the Open Class with competition.  She said “I
was hooked”.   She ventured out to a Long Coat Dachshund and won Best of Breed at the age of 8.   She was introduced
to the Toy Fox Terriers breed and at the age of 10 she finished her first two Champions.  

As a junior showmanship, a Toy Fox Terrier named Jennie was her premier show dog and every year qualified for the
Westminster (NYC) and Eukanuba (CA) National Champion Dog Shows. Kacie was the Number One Toy Fox Terrier
Handler in the Nation and was ranked in the top 30 juniors in the Nation. As a junior at 12 years old, she went to the
Eukanuba National show for the first time and made it through two cuts and won Best of Opposite sex with Jennie in her
breed competition.

Throughout her junior showmanship career, she showed Min Bull Terrier, Whippet, Lowchen, Standard Poodle, Vizsla,
Giant Schnauzer, and Chihuahua.  After Junior Showmanship she started handling for people and started her own all-
breed professional
handling business.  She handles many breeds ranging from little Chihuahuas and Havanese to Anatolian Shepherds and
Blue Tick Hounds.
Besides her expert handling skills I'm so impressed with her professionalism as a young women in a very competitive and
political business.  

If you ask Kacie why she does this, she says:

“I love showing other people’s dogs because it feels great to make other people dreams come true. The connections I
make with the dogs and the feeling I get when I step in the ring is like no other. I live to show dogs! Some say it is just a
hobby but for me it’s a job that I love and am very passionate about. Every time I step in that ring I plan to show that dog
to the best of my ability and make that dog a "CHAMPION"

To date in 2019, she continues to win multiple all breed groups, has won Best in Show and Reserve Best In Show and
has the #1 Blue Tick Hound in the country.